Psychologia, Vol. 27, No.1 (1984)

Orthographic Dominance and Interference Effects in Letter Recognition Among Japanese-English and English-Japanese Bilinguals
T. Hatta, T.I. Hatae & K. Kirsner

pp. 1-9.

Classifying Schematic Faces: Reaction Time Analysis Based on the Similarity Structure
S. Yoshikawa

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Critical SOAs in Pattern-by-Pattern and Pattern-by-Flash Masking: A Study on Contour Formation Process
T. Imada & E. Yodogawa

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An Item and Internal Consistency Reliability Analysis of Your Style of Learning and Thinking
H. Okabayashi

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Effects of Inserted Question Aids and Successive Processing Ability of Subjects on Deficient Text Memory
M. Mitsuda

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Parental Rejection as a Criterion Measure of Negative Attention-Seeking Classroom Behavior among Elementary School Students
P.O. Peretti, D. Clark & P. Johnson

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Problems Encountered in Teaching Chinese Parents to be Behavior Therapists
F. Lieh-Mak, P.W.H. Lee & S.L. Luk

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Studies of Cross-Cultural Conformity: A Brief and Critical Review
A. Furnham

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Psychologia, Vol. 27, No. 2 (1984)

Exemplar and Class Label Effects on the Performance in the Class Inclusion Task
M. Suga

pp. 73-83.

Experimental Studies of Boomerang Effects Following Persuasive Communication
H. Sasaki

pp. 84-88.

Some Aspects of Visual Receptive Fields: Experimental Approach to Problems on Tilt Aftereffect, its Color Selectivity and on Unique Binocular Color Detectors
He Bao-yuan

pp. 89-97.

A Study of Parent-Child Relation and Achievement Motivation among Lndian Adolescent Boys
H. Ojha

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Psychological Aspects of the Male-Female Relationship
B. Rhyner

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The Connotation of the Handicap Label in India
V. Murphy-Berman, A. Dalal & L. Anthony

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Characteristic Need Patterns of Scheduled Caste Indians
S.N. Dubey

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Meditation and Self-Actualization: A Cautionary Note on the Sallis Article
W.C. Compton

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Psychologia, Vol. 27, No. 3 (1984)

Bio-Social and Endocrine Bases of Spatial Ability.
J.M.L Binnie-Dawson

pp. 129-151.

Eidetic Imagery and Emotionality
A. Richardson

pp. 152-156.

Memorization of Piano Music
M. Nuki


Visual and Auditory Functions of Chinese Dyslexics
E.Y.C. Woo & R.H. Hoosain

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The Relationship Between "Maternity Blues" and Symptom of Puerperal (Atypical) Depression Six to Eight Weeks after Childbirth
G. Morsbach & R.M. Gordon

pp. 171-175.

On Criteria of Organization for Memory Retrieval in Children
H. Yamaguchi

pp. 176-182.

Effects of fear on Conformity and Fixation of Escape Behavior
N. Kugihara



Psychologia, Vol. 27, No. 4 (1984)

The Specification of Bodily Feelings in the Ambient Stimulus Array: Implications for the Study of Emotions
V.S. Alpher

pp. 191-202.

The Effects of Self-Schemata and Sex Stereotypes on the Perception of Others
Y. Endo

pp. 203-210.

Contextual Effects and Priming in Sentence Processing
K. Tsugawa & T. Umemoto

pp. 211-219.

The Role of Blank in Verbal Reinforcement Combinations
K. Tamase & M. Hatayama

pp. 220-227.

A Developmental Study of Spatial Problem Solving
T. Yamamoto & M.Tatsuno

pp. 228-236.
Lexical epresentation of foreign loan words in Japanese learners among native readers of English
T. Hatta, H. Katoh & K. Kirsner

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Effects of Verbalization on Sensory-Motor Conceptual Learning in Normal and Mentally Retarded Children: II. Three-Alternative Maze
M. Matsuda & F. Matsuda

pp. 244-253
Effects of Time, Value and Contingency of External Rewards on Intrinsic Motivation
A. Agarwal & K.N. Tripathi

pp. 254-261