Psychologia, Vol. 19, No.1 (1976)

An experimental investigation of psychological aspects of meditation
S.K. Kubose

pp. 1-10.

Effects of frequency of intermittent stimuli on time estimation in children and in adults: II
F. Matsuda & M. Matsuda

pp. 11-22.

Cognitive functions at high altitude
V.M. Sharma, M.S. Malhotra & A.S. Baskaran

pp. 23-28.

The role of parental discipline in hostility, guilt and conflict over hostility
U.P. Singh & M. Sowaid

pp. 29-34.

Psychosocial homeostasis and vocational interest
M. Bennett & F.H. Tiy

pp. 35-39.

Motivational variables and discrepant achievement patterns
A.K. Srivastava

pp. 40-46.
Binocular vision in animals
R. Fox

pp. 47-56.


Psychologia, Vol. 19, No. 2 (1976)

What can we learn from Zen? A review and some speculations
J. Radford

pp. 57-66.

Cross-cultural analyses of body-behavior relations: III. Developmental intra- and inter-cultural factor congruence in the body build stereotypes of Japanese and American males and females
S. Iwasaki & R.M. Lerner

pp. 67-76.

Achievement motivation and self concept in two culture
B.A. Husaini

pp. 77-85.

Part-to-whole transfer in free recall of unstructured word lists
T. Imashioya, H. Imashioya & T. Mori

pp. 86-93.

Effects of number and irregular forms of exemplars on rule acquisition
H. Nagata

pp. 94-101.

Effects of visual, verbal and auditory information on indirect person-perception
S.N. Rai & K.R.K. Srivastava

pp. 102-107.
Set-size effect in impression formation as a function of set homogeneity-heterogeneity
R. Singh

pp. 108-113.
Zeigarnik-phenomenon as a function of the trait of dominance
A.K. Shinha & M.B. Sharan

pp. 114-117.


Psychologia, Vol. 19, No. 3 (1976)

Proxemics and observation anxiety in Japan: Non-verbal and cognitive responses
M.H. Bond & Y. Iwata

pp. 119-126.

What is the self concept in Japan?
I. Mahler

pp. 127-133.

Zen meditation and behavioral self-control strategies applied to a case of generalized anxiety
D.H. Shapiro, Jr


A developmental study in hypothesis-testing process during concept identification task: Pictorial versus verbal presentation
M. Koyasu

pp. 139-148.

Resistance to extinction as a function of uncertainty of reinforcement sequence
Y. Habu & S. Ono

pp. 149-156.
Hemisphere asymmetries in the perception and memory of random forms
T. Hatta

pp. 157-162.

View of Soviet psychologists on behaviorism
P.H. Hac



Psychologia, Vol. 19, No. 4 (1976)

Profiles of Creative Personality
K. Patel

pp. 173-183.

Response Latency Change as a Measure of Blocking in Children
R.A. Lyczak

pp. 184-192.

Creativity, Intelligence and Temperament: A Study of Interrelationship
Q. Hasan & S.R. Khan

pp. 193-199.

Eidetics: A Visual Approach to Psychotherapy
A.T. Dolan & A.A. Sheikh
pp. 200-209.

Teaching Effectiveness and Organizational Climate
U. Kumar

pp. 210-215.
Sorting Behavior as a Function of Conceptual Ability in Children
T. Sugimura & Y. Terao

pp. 216-223.

On Stereopsis with Double Images
L. Kaufman

pp. 224-233.
Functional Classification of Visual Behavior by Chinese Characters
R. Osaka

pp. 234-238