Psychologia, Vol. 9, No.1 (1966)

pp. 1.

Existential philosophy and psychology in the West and the East
I. Kohyama

pp. 2-6.

Giri-Ninjo: an interpretation
L.T. Doi

pp. 7-11.

A study of the view of life of the aged through their last words
K. Tachibana
p. 12.

Synaesthesia as a poetic device
Yoshio Nagano

pp. 13-23.

A study of the relationship between test intelligence and delinquency
F.Z. Ahmad
pp. 24-26.

Optimal stimulation levels of normal and disturbed subjects in sensory deprivation
C.A. Brownfield

pp. 27-38.

Analytical study of the process of experience effect in detour problem
K. Mitani

pp. 39-48.
Education and caste Hindu attitude of the Harijans
P. Shanker

pp. 49-52.
Contemporary psychology in Czechoslovakia : the general setting
J. Brozek & J. Hoskovec
pp. 53-59.


Psychologia, Vol. 9, No. 2 (1966)

Effects of hippocampal electrical stimulation on memory consolidation
T. Hirano

pp. 63-75.

A study of the effects of different forms of questionnaire items on factorial validity
A. Ishikawa

pp. 76-84.

Effects of auditory vs. visual presentation on discrimination reaction time
H. Horiuchi

pp. 85-90.

A factor analytical study of Japanese verbal materials
K. Imae

pp. 91-94.

Changes of perceived size of object in the downward viewing condition to the ground
S. Ohba

pp. 95-101.

General principles for the construction of ordinal scale --comparisons with known scale--
Y. Tanaka

pp. 102-106.
Trait lists and creativity
R.H. Craig

pp. 107-110.
Value orientations of Indian and American students --a cross-cultural study--
M.A. Beg
pp. 111-119.
Interpersonal Values and risk-talking
Y. Rim
pp. 120-124.


Psychologia, Vol. 9, No. 3 (1966)

The ophthalmograph and oculo-optical switch
R. Osaka

pp. 125-130.

Influence of attention and/or are active motor reaction of the subject on latency and amplitude of the auditory cortical evoked response (ACER) in man
N. Sakano & L. Pickenhain

pp. 131-133.
Influence of stimulus intensity and/or a preceding signal on latency and amplitude of the startle reflex and the auditory cortical evoked response (ACER) in man
L. Pickenhain & N. Sakano


Meaningfulness of number as a variable in verbal learning
K. Imae & T. Umemoto

pp. 137-144.

Conditioning and discrimination-- a correlational study
T.K. Chakrapani & P.V. Ramamurti

pp. 145-147.
Association value as a function of immediate recall: a comparative study of two language lists
R.R. Borude

pp. 148-152.

The sources of contextual constraint upon words in sentences : a replication
R.Sahgal & S. Chandra


Reminiscence : a review
J. Mohan

pp. 157-164.
Evaluation of clinical depression by means of a Japanese translation of the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory
H. Hama

pp. 165-176.
The archetype as a healing factor
D.M. Kalfl

pp. 177-184.
Professor Matsusabtlro Yokoyama
pp. 185-186.
pp. 186.


Psychologia, Vol. 9, No. 4 (1966)

Neurasthenia and seiza of Dr. Sanzaburo Kobayashi
K. Sato

pp. 187-191.

The teaching of human body
T. Sato

pp. 192-194.

Mindfulness of sensation
W. Pe
pp. 195-196.

A letter on the Sunlun way of meditation
N. Kitamura
pp. 197-198.

Unliberated "Buraku" and suicide
S. Nishimoto

pp. 199-206.
The transmission of the katakana syllabary by electrical signals applied to the skin
E. Foulke & T.G. Sticht
pp. 207-209.

Psychology in Uganda
D.G. Oliensis
pp. 210.
A psycho-linguistic analysis of the basic characteristics of Japanese language
Y. Hara
pp. 211-214.
Hypnosis in sensory deprivation : a brief case report
C.A. Brownfield

pp. 215-216.
The Oliwaki-Kohl Intelligence Test for the Blind : standardization on American adults
R.M. Suinn
pp. 217-218.
Primitive forms of the idea of the other world in greater Oceania
J. Tanase
pp. 219-224.
Intercaste difference in personality pattern
S.S. Anant & P. Shanker
pp. 225-231.
Literacy and mental hospital admissions
S. Rao

pp. 232-235.
Measurement of aesthetic sense of children
D.B. Shesh
pp. 236-238.
The divinity of man (I)
M.L. Harris
pp. 239-244.