Psychologia, Vol. 23, No.1 (1980)

Creativity and the Zen Koan
S.K. Kubose & T. Umemoto

pp. 1-9.

Concept and Memory Types in Sensory-Motor Conceptual Learning in Children
M. Matsuda & F. Matsuda

pp. 10-20.

The Effects of Different Levels of Protein and Environmental Stimulation on Spatial and Activity Skills in the White Rat
J.L.M. Binnie-Dawson

pp. 21-42.

Effect of Test Anxiety and Intelligence on Academic Achievement in Different School Courses Among Higher Secondary School Girls
A.S. sethi & M. Sud

pp. 43-46.

Effect of Increasing Number of Passive Spectators on the Speed of Verbal Learning
N. Khalique

pp. 47-49.

Time Perspective in Achievement Motivation
A. Agarwal & L.B. Tripathi

pp. 50-62.


Psychologia, Vol. 23, No. 2 (1980)

Maternal recognition of neonates' cries in Japan
G. Morsbach

pp. 63-69.

Gaze Patterns and Interaction Contexts: Effects on Personality Impressions and Attributions
M.H. Bond & G.N.S. Goodman

pp. 70-77.

Personality Needs of German Wives and Satisfaction with Life in the Philippines
G. Koehler

pp. 78-86.

A Preliminary Study of the Relationship Between Personality and Cultural Values among Japanese Nationals
S.N. Scanlon, P.W. Dixon, R.E. Aherm & T. Kimura

pp. 87-100.

Role of Trait Anxiety and Induced Arousal on Two Flash Threshold (TFT) of Schizophrenics
R.G. Chatterjea, P.K. Chatterjee, A.R. Roy, A.K. Bhattacharyya & P.K. Biswas

pp. 101-104.

Home and School Context of Friendship Expectation Development in School Children in India
S. Singhal

pp. 105-115.

Effects of Contextual Iinputs on Vigilance
C.B. Dwivedi, I.L. Singh & N.B. Singh

pp. 116-119.

Quantitative and Qualitative Measures of Verbal Indicants of Experienced Anxiety
H.I. Amatu

pp. 120-129.


Psychologia, Vol. 23, No. 3 (1980)

The Interference of Natural and Artificial Sounds with Spoken Speech: Advantage of Dichotic Over Binaural Listening
T. Hatta & S.J. Dimond

pp. 131-137.

A Study of Trait-State Anxiety in High & Low Hostile Subjects
A.K. Saxena & G.D. Rastogi

pp. 138-145.

Aggressive Behavior as a Function of Attack Pattern and Hostility
K. Ohbuchi & Y. Oku


Error Factor Analysis of Sensory-Motor Conceptual Learning in Children
M. Matsuda & F. Matsuda

pp. 155-159.

Intergenerational Attitudes: A Psychological Analysis
R.C. Mishra & B.B. Tiwari

pp. 160-166.

Employment of the Mothers as a Determinant of Mother-Daughter Relationship and the Development of Masculinity-Femininity among Young Girls
R.C. Dixit & P.L. Vishnoi

pp. 167-172.

Tactual Short term Memory of Blind and Sighted Children
V.K. Kool & M. Rana

Unsolved Broblems in the Study of Training Laboratories in Japan
M. Yoshida

pp. 179-183.

Approval Motive and Hostility
N.K.M. Tripathi & A.K. Saxena

pp. 184-188.

Estimation of Task Oriented Time in the Psychotics
R.G. Chatterjea, P.K. Chatterjee & P.K. Biswas


Cloze Procedure as a Measure of Readability of Persian Texts
M. Derakhshani
pp. 193-194


Psychologia, Vol. 23, No. 4 (1980)

Japanese and English Personality Structure: A Cross-Cultural Study
S. Iwawaki, S.B.G. Eysenck & H.J. Eysenck

pp. 195-205.

Phoneme Use and the Perception of Meaning of Written Stimuli
E.H. Ahern, P.W. Dixon, T.Kimura & J.S. Okuna

pp. 206-218.

The Alpha-Numeric Category Effect in Visual Search
R.T. solman

pp. 219-232.

Lateral Differences in Tachistoscopic Recognition of Kanji-Pairs with Mixed Image Values
H. Ohnishi & T. Hatta

pp. 233-239.

Motivational Differences among High and Low Creative University Students
A.K. Gopal, V.K. Sharma & A.K. Singh

pp. 240-246.

The Solar Eclipse in Calcutta (1980): A Psychophysiological Study with Human Subjects
A.K. Bhattacharyya, P.K. Biswas & A.R. Roy

pp. 247-250.

Holiday Depression in Young Adults
P.O. Peretti

pp. 251-255.