Psychologia, Vol. 31, No.1 (1988)

A Cross-Cultural Study of the Emotion of Shame/Embarrassment: Iranian and Japanese Children
E. Hashimoto & T. Shimizu

pp. 1-6.

Morita Psychotherapy and Zen Buddhism: A Comparison of Theoretical Concepts
B. Rhyner

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Effects of Teaching Obstetrical Nurse Students Skills of Probe and Reflection of Feeling by Microcounseling
K. Tamase

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Individual Differences in Generating Visual Mental Images
N. Kawamura & H. Tajika

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Nepalese Perception of Self and Other Countrymen
M.P. Regmi

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Behavioural Strategies for Influencing Immediate Superiors
B.P. Singh

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Own-Group Bias in Social Perception: The Role of Caste and Class Membership
A.K. Dala, S. Bhagat & E.S.K. Ghosh

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The Self-Concept of Delinquent and Non-Delinquent Saudi Juveniles
F. Hilmi

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Psychologia, Vol. 31, No. 2 (1988)

Measuring Pavlov's Artistic and Thinking Types by Questionnaires
N. Sakano

pp. 53-62.

Visual Psychophysics in Japan and Recent Research on Opponent Color Coding as an Example
M. Akita & Y. Ejima

pp. 63-71.

A Psychoanalytic Approach to Performance-Maintenance (PM) Leadership Theory
M. Hafsi

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Reliability of Laterality Effects in Dichotic Listening
T. Hatta

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Effects of Caffeine and Task Experience on Task Performance
R.E. Landrum, C.J. Meliska & W.H. Loke

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Effects of Processing Variables on Comprehension-monitoring Activities
M. Mitsuda

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Organizational Climate and Job Satisfaction
N.K. Chadha

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Correlations of Achievement in Mathematics and English: A Longitudinal Study
R.A. Zepp

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Psychologia, Vol. 31, No. 3 (1988)

Significance of EEG Factor Analytic Approach to Locational Differences of Mental Functions in Normal Brain
E. Kashihara

pp. 119-127.

The Manner of Clasping the Hands and Individual Differences in Perceptual Asymmetries and Cognitive Modes
Y. Ida

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Priming Effect on Stroop Interference
T. Chihara


The Self as a Information-processing System: Its Function and Diverse Effects
Y. Endo

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The Teaching of Medical Psychology in Medicine: Issues, Conflicts, and Possibilities
P.W.H. Lee

pp. 154-162.
Noise Sensitivity and Mental Efficiency
P. Bhatia & I. Muhar

pp. 163-169.

Memories of Parental Behaviour and Conservatism among Tribals and Non-tribals
H. Ojha

pp. 170-176.


Psychologia, Vol. 31, No. 4 (1988)

Arousal of Empathy and Aggression
K. Obuchi

pp. 177-186.

Relationships of Achievement-related Motives to Causal Attributions, Affects, and Expectancy for Success and Failure under Male-female Competitive Situation
H. Yamauchi

pp. 187-197.

Similarities and Dissimilarities in the Japanese Semantic Structure of Privacy and Its Associated Concepts
O. Iwata

pp. 198-206.

Illness Behaviour in Chinese Medical Students
Y.H. Cheng & W.H. Lee

pp. 207-216.
The Effect of Repetitive Presentation and Inducement of Simplified Form of Kanji on Visual Field Differences
N. Minagawa, T. Yokoyama & K. Kashu

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The Effect of Rehearsal Strategies on Free Recall in the Deaf
H. Shimizu & T. Inoue

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Interpersonal Attraction as a Function of Physical Attractiveness, Personality Similarity Dissimilarity, and Reciprocity
H.C. Suman & A. Kureshi

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Women's Satisfaction with the Dual Work Role
A. Shukla & S. Saxena

pp. 239-242.